Bamboo Utensils Compostable Cutlery Set


Bamboo Utensils Compostable Cutlery Set

Biodegradable Disposable Silverware Forks Spoons Knives

Travel Bag Eco Friendly Products Camping Utensils

126 PC Set

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  • Influence a greener community – Make a statement with bamboo cutlery ecofriendly products without saying a word. These bamboo utensils are strong and have a great feel.
  • Great alternative to wooden utensils and plastic cutlery – Bamboo is all natural, needing no 3rd party additives, just our beautiful planet, for optimal growth. Combined with clean eating, bamboo utensils are a win-win.
  • Bamboo is considered grass, not wood – Use of bamboo over wood can drastically reduce the need to deforest and help save the environment. Deforestation causes soil erosion whereas harvesting bamboo is sustainable and prevents soil erosion.
  • Travel Utensils – Portable forks, knives, and spoons set comes with a travel bag; take your Bamboo utensils with you. These utensils are extremely sturdy; will not easily break like plastic utensils (ever try eating your food with missing prongs? Not fun at all).
  • An interest in bamboo, is an interest in life. Cleaner air, less soil erosion, less overall harmful substances in and around your food and family, absorbs more carbon dioxide, and releases more oxygen.

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